SEXx is back for a 5th year to celebrate May as Masturbation Month! This Year's SEXx Theme is SEXTOPIA. What is SEXTOPIA you ask? Well, folks will be presenting or performing on topics that aspire to imagine how sexuality might look in the future. Perhaps it will be a vision of a utopian paradise where all relationships are polyamorous. Or a dystopian regime where sexuality must be hidden and is seen as shameful (*cough* our current administration *cough*).

SEXtopia will take place on May 23rd! Come out to see "TEDx style" presentations and performances that ask us to consider the future of sex/uality.  List of presenters and performers coming soon! You can attend both portions or just one! Get tickets today - seating limited!

A portion of proceeds to benefit Womanist Working Collective!



The SEXTOPIA lightning talk portion will be hosted by the lovely and fierce Feminista Jones!  Feminista is one of the SEXx collective members who believes in working collaboratively to change the way we think about sex. This year, we are imagining the future of sex--what it could be if sexual liberation was the rule and people were free to be who they are and make pleasurable decisions for themselves.



Alex Bove
Omega Men: What Polyamorous Men Teach Us About Masculinity's Future
Isobel Connors
SESTA/FOSTA: How US Legislation is Impacting the Future of Sex Work
Ralph Andracchio & Betty Smithsonian
Sex Positive-ly Hilarious: Porn and Comedy
Signe Espinoza
Sex and Latinx in the Same Sentence? What context?
Shadeen Francis
Postcolonial Pleasure: Reclaiming our Narrative for Sexual Liberation
Galia Godel 
Dis-abling Sex
Dr. Zelaika Hepworth Clarke  
Decolonial Sextopia
Little Land: A Utopia of Love, Laughter and Light
Carlton Perry & Amy Phillips
The Post Prom World
Deborah Rose 
Overlapping and Intersecting Alt Sex Communities
Kevin Seidman 
Fetishes of the Future (There Are None)



Jade Glitterbottom
Pynk                                                                                       Lilith Del Rey                                                                          Lilith's Requiem                                                               Little Miss Rollerhoops
Don't tell me to smile
Lola LePaon
Cum Clinic                                                                            Skye Carter
The Lube Witch                                                       Seraphina Malizia
Gender Traitor                                                         Turnpyke                                                                       Erectile Dysfunction                                                 Veronica Vicious                                                             Mary Magdalene

HEADLINER: Icon Ebony Fierce!


On display for the month of May - SEXTOPIA!