SEXx, inspired by TEDx, was created by Elicia Gonzales and Dr Timaree Schmit and was first held in May 2014, in honor of National Masturbation Month. In its second year, SEXx expanded to include Katelyn Regan, Tara Lessard, David Acosta, and Susan DiPronio - and in 2016, Feminista Jones! In that second year, SEXx Interactive Committee created a unique multi-day conference including nationally lauded keynote speakers, TEDx style presentations, workshops, art exhibit, dance parties, and live performances. In 2017, SEXx became a collective that continues to expand and grow, holding a variety of events throughout the year. 

Sex with Timaree

Sexologist, Performer. Co-founder. Lead. 

Sexologist Timaree Schmit earned a Ph.D. in Human Sexuality Education from Widener University, the culmination of a lifelong search for rational, sex-positive, empirically-based knowledge about sexuality. She now works as an adjunct professor, guest lecturer, writer and consultant. Sex with Timaree podcasts cover a range of topics and feature amazing, entertaining guests whose lives and professions touch on sexuality. It was named one of the top 4 sex podcasts by Daily Dot and one of the Top Five Noteworthy sexuality podcasts on iTunes. Her weekly column, Timaree’s Body, appears in Philadelphia Weekly and Philly Now. See more at


Elicia Gonzales

Sex educator/coach. Co-founder. Lead.

Elicia Gonzales earned a Masters degree in Human Sexuality Education from Widener University and is a Licensed Social Worker in PA. Her purpose in life is helping support the empowerment of people and communities to be healthy and whole sexual beings. She co-founded SEXx Interactive to create community spaces to engage in fun, honest, and interactive dialogue about all things sex and sexuality. She is the Executive Director at Women's Medical Fund , former adjunct professor for Widener's Center for Human Sexuality Studies, and on the PA Commission on LGBT Affairs. Elicia provides individual coaching, sex ed workshops, sex toy parties, AND sells sex toys through My Secret Soiree.  

Katelyn Regan 

Sex educator/researcher. Logistics.

Katelyn Regan is an aspiring sex therapist and sexuality educator who recently received her Master of Social Work and Master of Education at Widener University. Her goal is to provide accurate and non-judgmental health information and counseling to young people which in turn allows them to make healthy sexual decisions. She hopes to help others feel accepted and comfortable in their own skin no matter what race, gender identity or sexual orientation they identify with.

Susan DiPronio

Poet, Artist. Programming.

Susan DiPronio lives in Philadelphia and founded Pink Hanger Presents dedicated to giving voice to the unique life experiences of women,transgender and genderqueer individuals. Susan's poetry appeared in Sinister Wisdom, Corset Magazine, The Avocet, Defenestration, and Spillway Literary Journal.  Her poetry and photography has appeared in: “Witness” - Artists Respond to 30 years of  the Aids Pandemic”, “Queer Art of Resistance,” and others. Their memoir “Laurel” was included in a First Person Arts chapbook, and personal essay: “Damaged:A journey of healing from sexual assault”  is included in the book “The Survivors Project: Telling the Truth About Life After Sexual Abuse.” They are a recipient of the Leeway Foundation “Transformation Award” and “Art for Change” grant, 5-County Arts Fund, and honorarium from Philadelphia Fight. Susan taught for the Teaching Artist for the Hip O'pera program. Their play“Poe-sers,” has been produced in the Philadelphia Fringe Festival and Society Hill Playhouse, was included in The Third International Edgar Allan Poe Conference, and was selected by NYC based co-op Theater East.

David Acosta

Artist, poet, writer, curator, and cultural worker. Programming.

David has been active at the intersections of art, culture and politics including health care activism, and LGBTQ civil rights, among many other social change issues.  He is currently the Artistic Director for Casa de Duende in Philadelphia. He and Susan DiPronio co-founded Wicked Gay Ways an online erotic arts and literature journal providing a curated forum for a diverse constituency of voices reflective of the many dimensions of “queer” sexuality and desire. His work has appeared in literary magazines and anthologies including American Poetry Confronts the 1990's ; Shouting In A Whisper anthology; Latino Poetry in Philadelphia, Asterion Press, Poesida, and Floating Bordelands: Twenty Five Years of Latin American Poetry in The United States. His curatorial work includes exhibitions at A Seed on Diamond Gallery, The Asian Arts Initiative, The Crane Arts Building, the Da Vinci Art Alliance and CRUXX Space as part of Digital Art Fringe for the Fringe Festival. He has also directed live performances for First Person Arts Festival. 

Feminista     Jones

Keynote Speaker. Author. Coordinating Commitee

Feminista Jones - a self-proclaimed post-modern,  sex-positive, Black feminist woman. Feminista recently completed ANOTHER book Reclaiming Our Space to add to her other amazing, powerful books - The Secret of Sugar Water and Push the Button. She has a popular blog, made a cameo appearance on Jon Stewart’s Daily Show, is the 2014 winner of the Black Weblog Award, named Digital Citizen of the Year, and has been featured in the Washington Post, HuffPost Live, and Time magazine.